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13/11/2013 17:58 PM တွင် အစိမ်းရောင်လမ်း အစိမ်းရောင်လမ်း မှ ရေးသား

Dear Commemorate,
Greeting from GP Myanmar,
We, the activista and global platform, will be conduct the Campaign and Volunteer leadership Training in November 25th to 1st of December. And we would like to invite everyone to participant and join at the training.
The training will be 7th Day intensive, Approximately will held at MawBi, far from city with no electricity and connection.
The objective of the training is

  •   To create awareness about the basic concept of campaign
  • To strengthen young people’s capacity to promote social change through campaigning and advocacy
  • To mobilize young people and they will become an active agency to speak up for their right and injustice. They will also lead volunteer groups to engaged and mobilized to empower the other youth in Myanmar.
  • To build up the strong activist network in national and global

Training Advert and Application are attached. For any information feel free to contact us [email protected].
It is important to change the challenges as opportunities for Myanmar and its people.

Best regards,
Activista Myanmar
"Up with Justice,
Down with Hunger"

Click here to Download the application form