Making Energy Efficient Stove (See also Myanmar Version)

17/01/2018 12:51 PM တွင် အစိမ်းရောင်လမ်း အစိမ်းရောင်လမ်း မှ ရေးသား


Length 30 inches, width 12 inches and height 10 inches

Materials Needed

1.    Clay and chopped rice hay or rice husk

2.    Trowel, Knife and ruler/ measuring tape

3.    Iron grid (7 inches diameter)

4.    Tube Molds (7 inches diameter and 3 inches diameter)

5.    Table salt (250 gram)

6.    Chimney (3 inches diameter)


Step 1. Mix the chopped rice hay or rice husk (5-7 baskets) with dirt (5-7 baskets) thoroughly until there is no stuff visible. Add salt to control moisture. The amount of chopped rice hay or rice husk depends on the proportion of clay in dirt. The more clay in the dirt, the more stuff will need to be added.

Step 2. Make a block of length 30 inches, width 12 inches and height 10 inches and ensure compact by beating the block.

Step 3. Hole 1 – Make a 7 inches diameter hole of 8 inches deep, 3 inches apart from one edge. Remove the dirt from inside the mold and remove the mold too.

Step 4. Hole 1 – In the floor of the existing 7 inch hole dig a 6 inch diameter hole that reaches the ground.  Place rebar inside the hole resting on the 1 inch rim,  this will be where ash is collected during firing. (see diagram)

Step 5. Make a pathway for the firewood to the hole 1 with triangle shape as shown in diagram.

Step 6. Make a second hole of 4 inches deep 3 inches apart from the first hole.

Step 7. Create a pathway for the flame from first hole to second one as well as to the chimney as shown in picture. The width should be 4 inches diameter. In the second hole, there is should be flame barrier for energy efficient as in diagram.

Step 8. Make a 3 inches diameter hole of 6 inches deep for the chimney apart from the second hole.

Step 9. Create a pathway for the smoke through the chimney as shown in the picture.

Step 10. Make sure the surface is level for the cooking pots to let no space between the stove and cooking pot. Space can cause a loss of energy.

Step 11. Keep the stove dry in shade for 3-5 days but it should be 7-10 days in rainy season.  After the drying period, start a fire inside and make the stove dryer. If the cracks are found, mend with the cob. Place the 3 inch diameter chimney.